Where History Happened

From world renowned locations that marked step changes in the fate of empires and civilisations to little known spots where quiet yet momentous moments took place, there are sites all around us that saw the very nature of human history change.

Run in partnership with television channel Sky HISTORY™, this category is inspired by those locations that saw the very story of history take place – be it a battlefield that changed the course of conflict or a non-descript building that housed a scientific breakthrough or step change in social development.

To enter the Where History Happened category, you simply have to capture sensational shots of locations that witnessed fascinating moments from history. It need not be a moment that changed the world, it could equally be something that had an important impact on local or social change.

Crucially, to qualify for this category, your associated comment must highlight both the event itself and why you feel it was an important moment in history. Enter your images of locations that changed history now and share your shots of these true timeless treasures.

Sky HISTORY offers substance and depth; it entertains, using startling visualisation to tell incredible true stories more thrilling than fiction.

Sky HISTORY’s unique view on our past and present, champions stories of defining human endeavour. We uncover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ shaped by fascinating and often surprising facts and circumstances.

Our premium drama, including titles such as Knightfall, Vikings and Black Sails, offer the chance to take a look at the past through dramatic retellings of famous stories including some infamous characters from history.

Elsewhere, River Hunters with Rick Edwards and Beau ‘Aquachigger’ Ouimette uncover Britain’s history from the depths of our waterways, Suggs and Stephen Taylor search for lost wartime artefacts from our own soil in WW2 Treasure Hunters, and Forged in Fire pits expert blacksmiths against each other in a race to recreate some of history’s infamous edged blades. Forged in Britain looked to bring the story of tool working closer to home, meeting some of the UK’s top metal-working talent and giving some famous fans a chance to experience it for themselves.

There’s also Hunting Hitler and Curse of Oak Island offering gripping investigations into long-standing mysteries, while Alone sees men and women compete for half a million dollars in a competition for who can draw on age-old bushcraft techniques and survive in the wild for the longest,

Sky HISTORY is bursting with extraordinary, entertaining and ground-breaking stories and characters; inspired by yesterday, lived out today, shaping tomorrow. This is our history.

You can watch Sky HISTORY™ on Sky 123, Virgin Media 270, BT 327 or TalkTalk 327

All photographs must be submitted in high resolution JPEGs, with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution and 1200x1200px. No photograph uploaded may be larger than 15 MB.

All videos must be either mp4, mov, avi or wmv. No video uploaded may be larger than 750 MB.