Canterbury Cathedral by Adrian Malcolm Bernard

Canterbury Cathedral

The coming year, 2020 commemorates the 900th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Becket, and the 850th anniversary of his death. His tomb was originally built in the Eastern Crypt. It also celebrates the 800th anniversary of "The Translation of Thomas of Canterbury" when the remains of St Thomas Becket were moved from the Eastern Crypt to the Trinity Chapel. His tomb was destroyed during the Reformation and a single candle in Trinity Chapel now marks the place where it once stood.

Canterbury Cathedral is preparing many events during 2020 to reflect how these three incidents were, and still are important.

I took this picture which shows the Quire, and the Trinity Chapel behind it, during a project in the Cathedral showing how it has changed over the years. Firstly, it shows a beautiful view of that part of the Cathedral, but secondly, if you look up to the right, you can see the scaffolding of what is, rather like the old Forth Bridge, a never ending job of conservation.

Part of my work in the Cathedral has been to digitise the old postcards of the Cathedral, and I can demonstrate repairs and conservation going back over two centuries.