Stalingrad and Neath (Wales) by Belov Dmitry

Stalingrad and Neath (Wales)

1967. Volgograd City.

In the territory of Region Hospital №1 a driver Vasiliev have found in building waste a memorial plaque from Neath (Wales) with a strange texts. He understood that it’s a very important historical document and it was politically not comfortable for a new political power in the city.

After the death of Stalin in 1953 Stalingrad was renamed to Volgograd in 1961 and this memorial plaque about the history of humanitarian aid that was sent from the citizens of Neath to the “steel hearted citizens” of Stalingrad in 1944 was unnecessary. So this driver was alone who saved and presented this plaque to the local historical museum. After 40 years I have found it when I was a museum scientific officer and have started a new research and now talking about this uncomfortable, partly secret stories about Neath and another 300 British locations where people raised and sent humanitarian aid for Stalingrad during WW2 -

This story about past contact between our two locations during WW2 (Neath and Stalingrad) may be change human history of links between our people during the war and now I have started for talking about our cultural relations, common victory and another “true timeless treasures” in my exhibition project -