Stonehenge  by Clive Greenland


Stonehenge glowing under the Milky Way in the early hours of 7th August, 2019. Stonehenge’s age of 4,500 years old is insignificant compared to the current estimate of 13.5 billion years of the milky way.

The image was shoot from a permissible footpath on Stonehenge boundary fence. One single image with light painting of the stones to obtain the correct exposure for the stones, the stars and the milky way. The ideal was to capture a simple but powerful image of the iconic stones in one take to avoid merging many images in Photoshop or Lightroom (LR). The image was shot in raw and processed in LR. Full frame camera with 24 mm prime lens f/1.4, settings: ISO 1600, f/2.2, 10.0 sec, Custom kelvin (white balance) set in camera to 3700K, manual focus and remote release.