Whytbank Tower, Scottish Borders by David C Weinczok

Whytbank Tower, Scottish Borders

I've now visited over 300 Scottish castles, and there was just something incomparably alluring and serene about Whytbank Tower. Dusted by snow, the tower and its gardens - themselves replete with ruins - are known by very few and perhaps it was this 'secret' element that made it feel so magical. It is one of the many towerhouses that dot the Borders, a hard country ever subject to reaving and warring in which each household had to look to its own defence. Now, however, Whytbank appears more fit for a fairy tale than a fight. This photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, as are all my photos - I can not afford a professional camera, but with few exceptions I've found phones do the trick. Phones are also how I bring these historical places to life for live audiences through live broadcasting, something I did at Whytbank to the delight of hundreds of viewers from all over the world. A stunning historic site shared with the curious world - to me, it doesn't get better than that.