Niddry Castle, West Lothian by David C Weinczok

Niddry Castle, West Lothian

I had heard about Niddry Castle from my time as a guide at Gladstone's Land on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, where I was told that exotic fruits like apricots could be grown in the castle's once lush gardens. So, I hopped on my bicycle and tracked it down! The way it sits atop its small crag is typical of many Scottish castles, and its surroundings - with a golf course and rail line nearby - aren't exactly wild. I call such places 'backyard castles', given that they're metaphorically (and sometimes literally) in our backyards often unbeknownst to many nearby. These are my favourite kinds of places to explore, even if the scenery around them isn't quite 'wild and unspoiled'. As with my other submissions, this was taken on a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.