Hadrian's Wall, Milecastle 39 by David Ross

Hadrian's Wall, Milecastle 39

This is the photo that changed my enjoyment of photography forever. I had walked this section of Hadrian's Wall with my wife and been struck by this view of milecastle 39, near Steel Rig. I was determined to return and photograph it in evening light. However, when I arrived the forecast sunshine was nowhere to be seen. So I set up my tripod and waited. And waited. And waited. I was initially frustrated that the light was so poor, but the more I waited the more relaxed I felt, and the more in touch with the wonderful location and the sense of history. I started to enjoy the act of standing on the Roman wall and soaking up the atmosphere. Just before sunset, the sun did break through, casting wonderful golden light over the wall and the milecastle. I was so pleased with the photo, but even better, learning to wait patiently has added so much to my enjoyment of photography and now its not unusual for me to sit and wait happily for hours, just to capture a single magical moment like this.