Newark Castle, Fife, Scotland by David Ross

Newark Castle, Fife, Scotland

I was staying with my family for a week at Crail, in Fife, but I had seen photos of Newark Castle, near St Monans, online, and I was determined to photograph it. One evening it promised to be sunny so I drove to St Monans and walked up the coast path to the castle. Unfortunately, by the time I got there the sun had dropped behind a cloud bank so I set up my tripod and waited ... and waited ... and waited. It was almost sunset and still the sun was hidden. I was ready to give up in despair when at the art minute the sun broke through the clouds and lit the castle with golden light. The combination of warm evening sunlight on the reddish stone and cliffs created an almost surreal glow to the castle. It only lasted a moment, but oh, wow, what a glorious moment it was!