St Michael's Mount, Cornwall by David Ross

St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

I've visited St Michael's Mount several times and I am always drawn back. There's something so magical about the location, and especially the view of the causeway leading across the shallows towards the castle. On this occasion I arrived before sunset, only to find the causeway filled with tourists, each jostling to catch the perfect photo as the sun went down. I didn't fancy joining the scrum so I wandered along the shore, photographing the castle from different angles. One by one the other photographers gave up and left the causeway. It was almost 10pm before the causeway was empty, so I hustled to the end and set up my tripod. It was by now almost totally dark, with the castle illuminations providing the only light, so I had to use a 20 second exposure just to capture the scene. But, oh, wow! I was so glad I waited!