Former RAF Coltishal airbase by Dibs McCallum

Former RAF Coltishal airbase

This is the engine testing machine at Former RAF Coltishal, a site that has stood empty since 2006. The bay would have seen a Jet aircraft, most likely a Jaguar taxi up to it, be reversed in and shackled down, then they would be able to start up and test the engines at full throttle to ensure everything was working as expected.

The site was originally opened as a bomber base and had an eventful life serving Polish squadrons, Hurricanes, part of the V force bomber group and the Gulf war and also housed a Wessex helicopter (Sea King) search and rescue team to aid the public.

Coltishall eventually became the last surviving operational RAF airbase involved in the Battle of Britain, and a visible remnant in the form of a Second World War.

I took this image as I felt an instant connection with it and the power it would have had thrown at it upon testing, but now it just sits and rusts away, now a forgotten part of the cold war history, slowly allowing nature to reclaim it. So I photographed it at night and illuminated it with 3 wirelessly triggered flashlights to illuminate the main structure and 2 continuous lights inside creating to red glow showing how alive this piece of machinery that is flagged by 2 scheduled monuments can be.