RAF Barnham Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility by Dibs McCallum

RAF Barnham Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility

Dibs McCallum

Barnham Nuclear Storage Site (NSS) was active during the early part of the Cold War and was one of only two such facilities built in the UK to store the BLUE DANUBE free fall nuclear bomb. The nuclear storage site was built during the mid 1950s to maintain the BLUE DANUBE away from the V-Bomber bases as well as holding the 'second strike' stock should nuclear war break out. The other site was at RAF Faldingworth in Lincolnshire, which is also partially detailed on this site.

This short film looks at the site and what were the secrets that sat behind the two concrete fences during the cold war, but what is now left nearly 60 years after it shut down. Using sound recorded on the site from my visit and creative commons number stations recording along with experimental electronic music from the cold war era.

I photographed this site as part of an ongoing documentation of the Cold war and what is now left in East Anglia last summer and plan to carry on making work to make a full documentation of what is now left.