Kaw Ka Thaung cave, Myanmar (Burma) by Envela Castel

Kaw Ka Thaung cave, Myanmar (Burma)

The Kaw Ka Thaung cave, whose entrance is at the foot of a limestone cliff, is located near Hpa-An in Burma (Myanmar). It is one of the oldest caves in the country and houses over a thousand images of Buddha that are still sacred for the locals. There are over 70 large caves in this area of Burma. Historical research indicates that the inhabitants of some of them left over 2000 years ago.

Everything I do, I believe in the power of the ancient civilisations. I believe that it is important to challenge and understand our contemporary societies by honouring the past. Learning from yesterday's mistakes could change the course of the world. The way I do that is by taking photographs of History alongside portraits of its heirs, of old souls, and faces that tell a story, as testament to the past. My passion for History and the great unknown is now taking me around the world, to build a lifetime project about lost kingdoms and ancient civilisations: Long Live the Fallen World.

I started working on Long Live the Fallen World by capturing the remains of History and cultures travelling through over 9000km in four months across the Mekong area: the golden age of the Siamese, the Pagan Kingdom and the Khmer Empire. I’m now presenting a selection of photographs along with a short analogy of History - facts that have happened and the heritage it had over the present - to bring into focus the importance of History and knowledge in our modern society. My work aims to inspire people to learn their own History, to learn other remote cultures’ History and to try and understand why things are the way they are now, in order to learn our mistakes and maybe, make the world a better place.