Khandoba Temple, Jejuryi , Maharashtra, India by Falguni Pear

Khandoba Temple, Jejuryi , Maharashtra, India

The temple is built on Jayadri hillock in the 13th Century and rejuvenated in the 17th century. The name "Khandoba" comes from the words "khadga" (sword), the weapon used by Khandoba to kill the demons, and "ba" (father). "Khanderaya" means "king Khandoba". Another variant is "Khanderao", where the suffix "Rao" (king) is used.

Khandoba is popular amongst the Dhangars, one of the oldest tribes in Maharashtra, India. Khandoba is believed to be a fierce deity, who causes troubles if not propitiated properly. Khandoba is worshipped with Turmeric (Bhandār) as seen in the photograph. During the festival, pilgrims apply haldi (turmeric) powder on each other. The town turns into a golden, bright shade of yellow. When the celebrations start the pilgrims shower abundant haldi (turmeric) powder from every corner of the temple as a mark of respect to God Khandoba. Haldi (turmeric) is associated with the luminosity of Surya (Sun) suggestive of Khandoba"s solar region.
Six-day festival in the month of Margashira, Dasara and Chaitra Purnima is the famous festivals celebrated in Khandoba Temple.