Quarry Bank Mill, Cheshire by Fiona Quarterman

Quarry Bank Mill, Cheshire

An inspirational building and gardens with many opportunities to reflect and be immersed in History.Quarry Bank Mill, founded by Samuel Greg in 1784, is one of the best preserved textile mills of the Industrial Revolution. The early mill was a 4-storey structure, efficient and simple in design. Over the decades it was enlarged and updated such that by the 1860s, it was the headquarters of one of the largest cotton manufacturing businesses in the world. The mill sits on the banks of the River Bollin in the Styal Estate in close proximity to Manchester – the hub of Britain’s cotton industry. Before the Mill was built, Styal village was a small collection of barns and cottages. As the Mill expanded, many of these original farm buildings were converted into accommodation for the mill workers. The Apprentice House, built in 1792, provided living quarters for young boys and girls from the local parish who were being trained to work in the mill. The Mill and Styal estate remained in the ownership of the Greg family for five generations until 1939 when they were given to the National Trust.