High Atlas Mountains, Morocco by Gerard Breislin

High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Every year, the Nomadic people of Morocco escape the heat of the desert and lower valleys and migrate to the Atlas Mountains where the air is cooler.

Living in camel-hair tents, they roam the mountains with their flocks of sheep and goats looking for fresh pastures, making daily trips down to the villages in the valleys to source water.

We know how arduous that can be, having hiked for over an hour up the Todra Gorge in the province of Thinghir, where we met this friendly, 60-year old Berber Nomad, who was camped there with his much younger, second wife and two children.

Looking older than his years, with his leathery skin and slight stature, he invited us into the shade of his tent and proceeded to pour us small glasses of mint tea from his silver teapot. Not your typical Monday morning!