Dunluce Castle by GLENN MILES

Dunluce Castle

The iconic Dunluce Castle is situated on the north Antrim coast of N.Ireland. The first castle was built here in the 13th century by Richard Og De Burgh 2nd Earl of Ulster. The first written records state that it was in the hands of the Mc Quillan family in 1513. They were replaced by the Macdonnels in the 16th century after losing two battles against them. In 1584, on the death of James Macdonnel 6th chief of the clan Macdonnal of Antrim, the Antrim glens were seized by Sorley boy MacDonnel who was one of his younger brothers. Sorley boy took the castle for himself. He swore allegiance to Queen Elizabeth 1st and his son Randel was made 1st Earl of Antrim by King James 1st. in 1588 the Spanish warship the Girona sank off Lacada point near the giants causeway and the cannons were rescued from the ship and installed in the gatehouse of the castle and the rest of the cargo sold for improvements to the castle. Dunluce Castle served as the seat of the Earl of Antrim until the impoverishment of the Mac Donnels in 1690 following the Battle of the Boyne. The castle fell into ruins since that time but parts remain intact to this day and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. There are lots of legends and tales about the castle and more information is widely available on the internet.