Mevagissey Harbour – Cornwall by Harishkumar Shah

Mevagissey Harbour – Cornwall

Fishing has always been important here and was responsible for the growth of the town from a tiny hamlet in the 16th Century to the village which we see today.

The name, Mevagissey, is believed to derive from the dedication of the parish church to two Saints, Meva and Issey.

Shipwrecks are numerous around Cornwall's coasts and this stretch of coastline has had its share of shipwrecked vessels including the French ship L'Indurance which foundered here on the 25th January 1838.

A day later the Brandywine Packet was lost in the same area with its precious cargo of casks washed ashore. Wreckers would be only too pleased to get their hands on such a cargo.

In the 1700s and early 1800s, smuggling contraband was also popular and a sometimes necessary way of supplementing otherwise poor incomes.

When exploring Mevagissey, the oldest part of the town is around the area of the Cliff.