Sleeping Beauty – Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall by Harishkumar Shah

Sleeping Beauty – Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

Heligan, the seat of the Tremayne family for more than 400 years, is one of the most mysterious and romantic estates in England. A genuine secret garden, it was lost for decades, its history consigned to overgrowth.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Heligan’s thousand acres were at their zenith, but only a few years later bramble and ivy were already drawing a green veil over this “sleeping beauty”. The outbreak of WW1 was the start of the estate’s demise as its workforce went off to fight in the trenches, many sadly never to return. Discovery of a tiny room, buried under fallen masonry in the corner of one of the walled gardens, unlocked the secret of their demise. Today it is considered as one of the biggest gardens in Cornwall and every year visited by thousands of tourist from all over the world.