Castle (Red Stone) by Jaroslav Vyhnička

Castle (Red Stone)

The most beautiful castle in the Little Carpathians, located just a few tens of kilometers from Bratislava, is one of the best preserved Slovak castles Red Stone. In the 16th century it was rebuilt into a massive fortress with a fortification system belonging to the peaks of the then military-defense strategy.

Although it is possible that it is a third of the 16th century, its fortress has its fortress Fugger, its history is from 1583 abroad, which is associated with the Pálfiovcami. This suitable Hungarian rod is intended for a representative residence with rich stucco and fresco decoration of interiors.

Pálfi occupied the castle until 1945. The glorious times of the castle and the scenes from its rich history can be hidden especially during fencing festivals and falconers performances. The extraordinary atmosphere can also be experienced during summer night trips.

In the castle there is a town presenting historical living of the nobility.

Recording of the disc takes place as evidence for a film and fairy-tale game such as Princess Fantagiro, Dragon Heart or Cinka Virgo.