Etal Castle by John Barnes

Etal Castle

Fortified manor houses, small Castles and larger fortifications are scattered across Northumberland as unique defensive structures to keep out Marauding Scots and professional rogues who are the Border Reivers. A license was granted by King Edward III to crenulated the Castle which was unique in its quadrilateral shape. It is small, ruinous and the most authentic castle in its locality. It consisted of a large residential tower which had many luxurious refinements and resembled a hall house built vertically as opposed to horizontal. A curtain wall was added together with a magnificent gatehouse. The gatehouse contained two guardrooms, vaulted ceilings and coats of arms giving an impressive appearance to visitors. The Castle was used to store munitions after the battle of Flodden and became a military base with a series of Constables guarding the northern frontiers.