Quire & Nave, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury. UK by John Eaton

Quire & Nave, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury. UK

Salisbury cathedral is one of the few English cathedrals that has integrity as a whole, as it was built in a single effort (from 1220 to 1380, but most of it was completed within the first 40 years by 1260), rather than the various additions and rebuilding that others were subject to.
Because of the manner of its foundation, the cathedral represents a unique example of Early English architecture. The plan was not altered at all from its original design (unlike most other cathedral construction, where changes were common as work progressed) and is extremely elegant and simple, with great unity of style and sense of refinement. The interior of the nave is beautifully proportioned with slender dark pillars of Purbeck marble contrasting with the light Chilmark limestone (the quarry is only 12 miles away) and a continuous series of lancet arches forming the arcade, a fairly low, cramped triforium (which is perhaps the only weakness in the design), and three lancet windows in each bay of the clerestory providing wonderful lighting from above