Rievaulx Abbey, near Helmsley, North Yorkshire, England by Katharine Ainger

Rievaulx Abbey, near Helmsley, North Yorkshire, England

This image of Rievaulx Abbey was taken from the garden of the site archaeological museum. I felt that the flowers in the foreground made a good contrast against the clipped and manicured green lawns and yellow Yorkshire stone; both in colour and also in the differing textures. The image shows the apse end of the abbey church with its large windows. Unlike most churches, the abbey church at Rievaulx is constructed on a north/south axis due to the lay of the land on the site and the steep side of the valley (which prevented the more conventional east/west rotation) can just be seen behind the church. The steep, high sides of the valley mean that for much of the day, the ruins are in the shade but this image was captured at a moment when the summer sun shining on the stonework makes it glow.