Henrietta Street, Whitby, North Yorkshire by Katharine Ainger

Henrietta Street, Whitby, North Yorkshire

Few places have more of a claim to historical fame than Whitby. From the Synod of Whitby sounding the death-knell for the Celtic Church in England in 664AD, through the early career of Captain Cook, to providing inspiration for Bram Stoker's famous novel Dracula; the very cobble stones of Whitby are infused with history.

This image was taken from the famous 99 steps looking back down over Henrietta Street. Lighted windows evidence the lives happening behind closed doors, whilst the two ghostly figures at the base of the steps hint at the multitudes of people who will fill these streets come the next day. Pilgrims, tourists and goths will climb these steps to the Abbey together in the morning, but for now these two travellers make their way home.