All Saints Churchyard, Helmsley, North Yorkshire, England by Katharine Ainger

All Saints Churchyard, Helmsley, North Yorkshire, England

This image is entitled "In an English Country Churchyard" and is from a series of studies of English country churches. The image shows the gardener's shed which is located in a quite corner of the churchyard. The door to the shed is ajar because the gardener is at work. All Saints Church is still a much-loved and well used part of the community in the village of Helmsley and in contrast to many other country churches, the churchyard here is well cared for with neat grass, clipped yew trees and the headstones in good condition. There is no fighting through brambles and long grass to get to the graves.

Although the current church building dates from 1838, it has been built on Norman foundations and there has been a church on the site for over 1,000 years. A hog-back tombstone in the churchyard dates from the 10th Century.

The image shows the continuity that this place has had in the lives of the generations of the people who were baptised and married in this church and later laid to rest in this churchyard over the centuries; right through to its place in the heart of the community in the 21st century.