Hastings Castle, Hastings, England by Leigh (Bella) St John

Hastings Castle, Hastings, England

While many would know that Hastings Castle was built following William's coronation and the Battle of Hastings, what is less known is that what remains is only a fraction of the footprint of the original building.

During the 13th century, large parts of the castle fell into the sea during a violent storm; and later after King Henry VIII ordered all monasteries destroyed, the now named King's Free Chapel of Hastings and its Chapel of the Holy Cross not only fell into disrepair, but much of it was overgrown or used for farming land. Not until 1824 was a full excavation of the castle undertaken by the 6th Earl of Chichester, Thomas Pelham.

Despite its turbulent history, what remains of the castle still has a feel of grandeur and its imposing presence is not to be missed.