Old Sheldon Church Ruins, South Carolina, USA by Leigh (Bella) St John

Old Sheldon Church Ruins, South Carolina, USA

Resolute - that is the word that immediately comes to mind when I think of Old Sheldon Church.

The church, originally known as Prince William's Parish Church was built in 1753.

In 1779 it was burned by the British during the Revolutionary War.

In 1826 it was rebuilt.

In 1865 it was burned by Sherman's troops during the Civil War.

Although not rebuilt after its second demolition, Old Sheldon Church is still the site of services on the second Sunday after Easter and, until recently when permission was withdrawn, was the venue for many weddings.

Despite the best efforts of soldiers from two wars to erase the building from the map, Old Sheldon Church still stands resolutely, and hopefully will do for decades if not centuries to come...