I suppose the most interesting point about the odd-shaped New York building is that it is still here at all given that so many people, at the time of it’s construction, felt it was doomed to collapse

It was suggested that the shape was unstable. In particular, the fact that, unusually, there was not a lower floor base bigger than the “tower” block above

They also feared that the building, in it’s particular location, would create high winds greatly upsetting the people as they passed by.

Well, they were 50% right. The building hasn’t fallen down but the crazy winds are a reality. On the internet you can find technical articles explaining how they arise.

Irrespective of the history, I think the shape combined with it’s Roman style sculptured facade, make it a wonderful sight that somehow seems timeless and not indicative of any specific period.

I had thought the shape was unique but, apparently, there is an earlier building in Atlanta of the same general outlook. I will go sometime to see.

Although The Flatiron has been described in many ways, , the image that it presents to me is that of an ocean liner plowing through the waves and seemingly capable of pushing anything out of the way which is foolish enough to be in it’s path.

I know my composition in the submitted photo is a little strange but I really like the clock and it’s style and colour seemed to fit with this iconic structure in the background.