Gubyaukgyi Temple, Bagan, Myanmar by Leslie Morris

Gubyaukgyi Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

I had very powerful personal reasons to visit Myanmar as my father was stationed here with the British Army in the 1940’s. As I grew up, I recall a number of leather items in my house. I understood that they came from what was then called Burma.

Also, of course, the wonderful novel, Burmese Days, written by George Orwell, was another incentive to get to know something of this country.

Despite some problems, Myanmar remains an interesting place to visit with plenty of photo opportunities.

This includes Bagan an ancient city with history going back at least to the 9th century and absolutely covered in temples and pagodas

One of the most famous is the Gubyaukgyi Temple built in 1113 and dedicated to Buddha.

Between 1982-1991, a major renovation project was implemented by UNESCO/UNDP and this was successful to “rescue” many important parts of the temple, including the interior frescoes.