Bognor Pier, UK by Leslie Morris

Bognor Pier, UK

I have always been interested in seaside towns and piers as a source of nice images ( especially when out of season).

Like many people, I visited Bognor first because it was somehow a bit of a joke amongst seaside locations.

It is said that when King George Vth was very ill, he was told, in encouraging terms, that he would soon be fit enough to visit Bognor. Allegedly, he responded with the reply “Bugger Bognor” and died soon afterwards.

Whether this is true or not, it was a fact that the King did not like the place much.

Actually, it is a very pleasant town and has been popular seaside destination since the 18th century.

When reading some history on UK holiday towns and, in particular, their piers, I learned something which I had not previously appreciated.

It seems that the original motivation for the building of piers was not really for entertainment as such but to give visitors the illusion that they were walking on the sea.

Therefore, I have chosen this rather plain image because I think the “simplicity” and the angle of the lines conveys the above concept quite well