Punta Palascìa, Otranto (Lecce), Italy by Luigi D’Aponte

Punta Palascìa, Otranto (Lecce), Italy

The Lighthouse of "Punta Palascìa" in Otranto (Lecce) is the most eastern place in Italy: "Finis Terrae 18 ° 31 '14" ".

Meeting point between the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, it is considered 1 of the 5 most important ports of the Mediterranean together with those of Genoa, Gibraltar, Alexandria of Egypt and Tunis. Due to its historical importance, the "Punta Palascìa" lighthouse is now protected by the European Union. Due to its strategic position (only 60 kilometers from Albania), during the "Cold War" it represented for the military forces of N.A.T.O. a place of fundamental military importance, and for this reason a control station and several bunkers and tunnels to be used to repel a possible landing of military forces of the "Warsaw Pact" along the Salento coast were built near the lighthouse.