Church and Monastery of San Felipe Neri in Sucre, Bolivia.

This is the church & monastery of San Felipe Neri in Sucre, Bolivia. The sight of the building took my breath away, it's a stunning neoclassical building, with a beautiful double level arched cloister. startling white against a deep blue sky. I sensed the history that has seeped into every brick and cobble stone here and it made the hairs on my neck stand on end. It's a quiet place with lots of small corners to sit and reflect about those that have gone before. However, San Felipe Neri saves its most magnificent glory to the end. Take time and make the effort to get up to the roof and you are rewarded with the most beautiful sight...beautiful brick and tile construction, stunning bell tower, amazing roof architecture and stunning views. The fading light in this shot was perfect to capture the timeless quality of this sacred and historic place. I will never forget my visit.