Mubarakh shah mosque, feni, chittagong  by Muhammad Amdad Hossain

Mubarakh shah mosque, feni, chittagong

This was built in 1958. There is a huge sand mound in front of the Masjid that makes the mosque beautiful. The mosque has 6 domes. The situation in the Vitr is very slow. Prayers can be performed only in 3 quarters of wit. There is a bill in front of the mosque, writing that no part of the mosque can be changed. If someone wants to change any part or whole part of the mosque, then he will be deported to prison for 1 year according to the taint of 1958.

*Mosque location-
The mosque is in the Shari Sadi union of Feni district. Located directly from the Sharshi Bazar, on the north-west side, the Alakra is on the southwestern side of the Rohtashadi dhigar.
* The mosque's name is Fakhruddin mubarakh shah mosque.