The Village St Kilda, Scotland

The isle of Hirta is the largest island in the archipelago known as St Kilda. Referred to as the edge of the world, St Kilda is made up of four islands and their adjacent sea stacks. Located about 40 miles West of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides, Hirta is one of the most isolated Island’s in all of Scotland. St Kilda is one of 24 locations in the world to be granted mixed World Heritage status for its natural and cultural significance. It is believed that St Kilda has been inhabited since the Bronze age to the 20th century. The islands are home to some of the highest sea cliffs in the U.K. and have some of the largest sea bird colonies in all of Europe.

Village Bay is located on the isle of Hirta and is known for its medieval architecture which was the main living area of the St Kildan’s. The village is made up of 16 houses accompanied by a strip of land which each family was responsible for. The positioning of the village mimics the u-shaped bay along the South Eastern shore. The St Kildan people were known for their renowned climbing abilities and would traverse the ridges to capture enough birds and eggs to feed the community. The population is said to have never exceeded 180 people and in 1930 the last 36 inhabitants of the island were finally evacuated.