Mr Lemmon Emerson High School by Nathan Ortiz

Mr Lemmon Emerson High School

Emerson High School located in Gary, Indiana was the first, "Work - Study - Play" School founded in 1908 by William A Wirt. Emerson High opened in September of 1907 the same year Mr. Wirt became superintended for the Gary Public School System. He believed that that the quick urbanization occurring in the early twentieth century threatened the rural values necessary to complete early childhood development.

In 1981 Emerson High closed due to a dwindling population, but reopened in the mid 80's and transformed into a visual and performing arts school. The school was finally closed for good in 2008 due to mold issues and a budget shortfall. The schools occupants were moved to another nearby school while the old building has been left to decay.

Pictured above is a shot of what seems to be the band teachers office Mr. Daniel Lemmon. On the wall you can kinda see the decaying group photos of band classes headlined by a talent search banner asking students to "Live the Dream."