Solheimasandur aircraft crash site, Iceland by Ollie Conway

Solheimasandur aircraft crash site, Iceland

A visit to this aircraft crash site was one of the main reasons for a photography trip to Iceland. In November, 1973 a United States Navy Douglas R4D-8 (Super DC-3) crash landed on the black volcanic beaches of southern Iceland, luckily all on board survived. As a pilot myself, I find every aspect of this historic event intriguing. What would they have been thinking as they were forced to land? After surviving the landing, what were they feeling as they contemplated their remote and unforgiving surroundings? I certainly would never want to be in that situation but being able to witness, first hand, the evidence of that day, it really makes you stop and think. I was lucky that the sun was just appearing behind a snow storm to help create a sense of drama.