Divin Castle, Slovakia by Ondrej Pôbiš

Divin Castle, Slovakia

It was built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries to protect the road to the Central Slovak mining area. It was first mentioned in 1329. It was probably built by a member of a family from Lučenec (Lošonciovcov), but after an unsuccessful conspiracy against the king, who also participated in Žigmund and Štefan of Lučenec, Matej Korvín in 1469 gave it to Michal Orság. Soon it was owned by Ján Nádašy Ongor and after his death, the castle was forcibly seized by Žigmund Balas. Under the ownership of the Balaš family, a new bailey with modern defensive elements (bastion and two corner bastions) was built in 1559. However, even these measures did not prevent him in 1575 after a long siege and threatened by the Turks, who occupied him until 1593, when he was regained by the royal army together with Bálint Balas. The castle became fatal robbery teachings of its owner Imrich Balašu - in 1679 the imperial troops conquered and blown up.