Musseden Temple, Castlerock, Northern Ireland by Pawel Zygmunt

Musseden Temple, Castlerock, Northern Ireland

After holidays and busy time at home and work, I finally got a chance to go out. Four weeks without my beloved Irish landscape was definitely too long and I decided to make it up for myself :) It had to be some good and never visited before place. I quickly checked the weather and the sunset direction and I decided I'll do 540km drive to photograph Musseden Temple on North coast. I wasn't completely sure if the weather will be good enough especially there was some heavy showers on the way. When I got to the place it cleared and turned to be fantastic evening. Despite the cold and wind I stood there couple of hours, waiting to capture this magnificent scene. It was bit tricky to shoot towards the sun but few clouds arrived and dimmed it a bit. Downhill Beach looks absolutely gorgeous in setting sun and it was enjoyable to stand there and watch this magical scene. It was too windy for long exposure but I think it wasn't necessary as waves on the Ocean looked brilliant captured with fast shutter speed. Great to be out again.

"Suave, mari magno turbantibus aequora ventis e terra magnum alterius spectare laborem."

"Tis pleasant, safely to behold from shore The troubled sailor, and hear the tempests roar."

Lucretius, De Rerum Natura,

Mussenden Temple is a small circular building located on cliffs near Castlerock in County Derry, Northern Ireland. The temple was built in 1785 and forms part of the estate of Frederick Augustus Hervey, the 4th Earl of Bristol, Bishop of Derry. Built as a library and modeled from the Temple of Vesta in Italy, it is dedicated to the memory of Hervey’s cousin Frideswide Mussenden. The Temple offers views westwards over Downhill Strand towards Magilligan Point and County Donegal, and to the east Castlerock beach towards Portstewart, Portrush and Fair Head.