Adajaj by sandeep dadarao damre


Adalaj Vav is a five-storey step-well on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. Perhaps the finest stepwell in Gujarat, Adalaj was built in 1555. What makes this stepwell the most beautiful amongst other is its series of platforms and galleries built on the side of the stepwell. It looks like a tales of unrequited passion and events are revolving around it.

The story behind the making of this legendary stepwell is as fascinating as its architecture. Adlaj Vav was commissioned by Rani Roopba, the queen of Rana Veersingh, a local chief who was defeated by the Muslim ruler Mohammed Begda. The stepwell was under the construction process when her husband (Rana Veersingh) was vanquished by Begada. Begada was so stunned by her beauty that he made a marriage proposal to Rani Roopba. Playing it safe, she said that she will accept the proposal on only one condition that he will have to complete the construction of five-storied water vav as a sign of devotion. Begada was so much charmed by the queen's beauty that he agreed and took up the challenging task. As the years rolled by, Begada completed the construction, minus the domes and proposed to the Rani Roopba once again. The next day, Rani Roopba jumped into the well, ending the saga of building the well in tragedy. After listening to the news, Begada stopped the construction. Till date, every visitor who comes here prays for the spirits of Rani Roopba as they believe that her spirit still resides here.