NEW PALACE-KOLHAPUR by subhash purohit


The image shows beautiful New Palace built in 1884 for the majaraja of Kolhapur.This is an excellent example of architecture in polished black stone.It has many big rooms and a Darbar hall with all its beauty which is big attraction for the tourists.Here the windows are decorated with stained glass and a balcony around the hall giving it a very luxurious look.It also has a big clock fixed in 1877 on the top of the middle tower which is still in working conditions.It has some small towers around it as seen in the image.The palace holds a nice museum of many historic items like costumes,weapons,games,embroidery,jewellery etc .The palace has a garden around it and has a big lake which is a residence for many big birds like Painted Storks,Grey Heron etc.The palace is a big attraction for the tourists from all over India.