Jabung Temple (Bajrajinaparamitapura (Vajra Jina Paramita Pura)) Aerial by Suwandi Chandra

Jabung Temple (Bajrajinaparamitapura (Vajra Jina Paramita Pura)) Aerial

With the famous Borobudur Temple located in Indonesia, many people always overlook many other temples which are spread across Java Island, especially after many different kingdom rise and fall throughout the history of Indonesia.
One of them is this beautiful Jabung/Bajrajinaparamitapura Temple which is located n the village of Jabung, Probolinggo District, East Java.
The Temple was built during the Majapahit Kingdom around 14th Century. It was being visited by the great King Hayam Wuruk during his Royal Tour across East Java in 1359 CE.
It was built mainly with the red brick which is the signature style of Majapahit Kingdom architectural style. There are many beautiful carving all around the temple exterior, such as lion, medallion, etc.
The Temple is still being kept in a very good shape now, and open for public.