SS Great Britain Engine Room, Bristol by Thomas Bedson

SS Great Britain Engine Room, Bristol

Brunel dared to build a vast ship, a ship made of iron, powered by steam and driven via a screw propeller, not paddle wheels. SS Great Britain was revolutionary when launched in 1843. Ship design is similar today.
This ship changed ship design and history. Originally the first luxury passenger liner she was adapted in the middle of the 19th century to carry emigrants to Australia, supplying the colony with a much-needed population eager to escape poverty in Britain. Thus, began mass emigration, that still has echoes today with refugees fleeing conflict and poverty in poorer nations.
After a spell as a cargo ship she was abandoned in the Falkland Islands, after being damaged at Cape Horn. Recognised for her importance in history she was brought back to her birth port of Bristol and restored. This heralded a new era of trying to conserve and preserve the past that continues to this day.