Geevor Tin Mine by Thomas Southgate

Geevor Tin Mine

I am an amateur photographer who enjoys capturing landscapes both natural and man made. This has led me to develop a particular interest in landscapes of historic / landscape value, and I am now in the process of visiting every Word Heritage site within the UK to create an entire photo record, as well as a blog about the experience -

As well as documenting important heritage assets within the UK, I am hoping that this journey will aid the development of my photography skills, as it is something that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

My chosen image captures Geevor Tin Mine which forms part of the North Devon and Cornwall Wold Heritage site. This was one of the last mines to close in the region, and its more recent history adds a real human dimension to the mining heritage of this part of the UK. Despite the location and conditions of these mines being bleak, it is clear from visiting this mine the pride workers had in their industry and their colleagues.

There is something bleak not only in industry and it#