Turkey. Gate of Hadrian. by Yury Budilnikov

Turkey. Gate of Hadrian.

Turkey. Gate of Hadrian. When Antalya passed to Rome, the city turned into a thriving port. Naturally, he needed to be strengthened. For this, the city was surrounded by stone walls. There were several gates in the walls that opened and sealed during the attacks. Since then, only one such gate has survived in Antalya - Adriana. They have not been used for a long time, so they are in good condition. The gates look like a monumental triple arched portal and strongly look like a Roman triumphal arch. Uch Kapilar, their other name, was erected in 130 AD on the eve of the arrival of Emperor Hadrian in the city.

The gates are decorated with marble columns with capitals, arches have a coffered ceiling. Initially, the structure was two-story. Most likely, at the top were statues of Adrian and his family members. We can only assume that there are no reliable sources.